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The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) reviews Applications for anyone wanting to build a home, add a structure, or modify a structure in Silverheels Ranch. Be sure to submit an ARC Application for any kind of construction project you may have here in Silverheels, including fences, outbuildings, garages, additions, or new homes.

Please review the FAQ on this page prior to submitting an Application to the ARC.

Architectural Review Committee Members

Ali Recek

Lillian Wissel

Robert Schoppe

Contact the Architectural Review Committee by sending an email to

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the ARC Application?

The latest Application is linked above as well as at this link.

When do I need to submit an ARC Application?

Per the Covenants, an approved ARC application is required for exterior improvements that require a building permit from the county. Includes but not limited to solar(alternative energy), decks, additions, porches, roofs, fences over 6 ft., retaining walls over 6ft, accessory structures over 200 sq ft., dwellings and demolition. Roofing that matches existing color does require a building permit but does not require ARC approval.

What is the ARC approval process?
Prior to starting work, an ARC application must be completed and submitted to the ARC. The ARC will review the application and ask for any clarification. Once the application is in conformity with the Covenants, the ARC will reply with a signed approval and construction may begin.
How do I submit an application?

For the fastest response, please email your complete application to We also accept mailed applications, but the approval process will be slower.

The SROA mailing address is:

Attn: ARC
PO Box 429
Fairplay, CO, 80440-0429.

Does the ARC control my landscaping or gardening?

No, the ARC only reviews improvements that require a building permit. If you are building a retaining wall over 4ft that does require a building permit, an ARC application is needed.

What colors can I use on my structure?

Per Section 6.3 b. “The color scheme for any Improvement shall be compatible with the natural environment of the Subdivision. Predominant colors in natural or earth tones, with accent colors complementary to the predominant colors, are acceptable.” Colors of improvements that require a building permit must be reviewed by the ARC prior to work being done. Please provide a photograph or swatch of the paint color. If the improvement does not require a building permit, the colors must still comply with this section of the Covenants but do not need ARC approval.

How can I make sure my application is processed quickly?

Please ensure that your application contains everything that the application form asks for. The most common missing items are color and material samples. The ARC has 72 hours to respond that they have received your application and 14 days for approval or disapproval after providing notice of application is complete.

For colors and materials, please submit one of the following:

  • A photograph of the material
  • Physical sample (email us to arrange)
Do I need to submit an ARC application for a driveway?

No, Park County does require you to obtain a driveway permit through the Environmental Health Department. Please review Section 7.3 of the Covenants regarding driveways.

I am building a new house. What is the process like?

With home construction being a major undertaking, the ARC recommends that the owner submit a completed ARC application first to ensure your plan is in compliance with the covenants. Please reference the Amended and Restated Protective Covenants Article VI – Architectural Review Committee and Article VII – Use Limitations and Restrictions. Prior to building you will need to submit all required paperwork to Park County for permits including, but not limited to: Environmental Health for driveway and septic, the State of Colorado for Well, Water, Plumbing and Electrical and the Building Department for construction, mechanical and foundation.

Where can I find information about utility hook-ups, Park County Government, or other services?
My scope of work changed after my application was approved. Do I need to notify the ARC?

Yes, to ensure Covenant conformity, you must submit any changes to the ARC and we will review for approval.

Contact the ARC

The SROA Board can be reached at, or by using the contact form below.

Mailing Address

PO Box 429
Fairplay, CO 80440-0429

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