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New Homeowners and Residents

Welcome to Silverheels Ranch!

Below are helpful resources for new and current residents. Check out our FAQ (below) for other questions, or email the Board at

New to Silverheels Ranch?

Please email the Board at to sign up to receive email communications from SROA, including newsletters, annual meeting information, and general updates.

Are you part of the Silverheels Ranch Community Directory?

Join the SROA directory to share your contact information with fellow SROA members. The directory is separate from our email list and requires members to opt in. If you’d like to be included, fill out the sign-up form (linked below), and return it to the Board at

Silverheels Ranch is a covenant-controlled community and has governing documents. They are linked below:

Check out the About page to access annual meeting info, community newsletters, and SROA’s history.

Looking for something else? Be sure to read our FAQ below.

Frequently Asked Questions

I just bought property in the Silverheels Ranch community. Where can I get a copy of the covenants & bylaws? I did not receive one from my real estate agent.

You should have received them at closing. However you can obtain copies of our governing documents on our “Governing Documents” page. The SROA Board of Directors provides these documents alongside the official recorded documents.

I am planning on repainting my home/cabin. Do I need permission even if I am planning on using the same color?

No. Please make sure the colors you choose are compatible with the natural environment of the subdivision. Predominant colors in natural or earth tones, with accent colors complementary to the predominant colors are acceptable. (Section 6.3.b of the Amended and Restated Covenants)

I have recently purchased property and am planning to build next spring. What do I need to do to conform to the covenants?

Complete an ARC Application. This way the ARC can help to ensure that your building meets the covenant requirements of setbacks and color.

You can download the ARC application on the ARC page.

Email the completed application to, or mail it to:

Attn: ARC
PO Box 429
Fairplay, CO 80440-0429
What building projects require ARC approval?

Any exterior building project that requires a building permit. Interior projects i.e. bathroom, kitchen, basement remodel, etc. do not require ARC approval but may require a building permit. Fences under 6 feet tall do not require ARC approval. All building projects should have colors that are natural or earth tones that are compatible with the natural environment of the subdivision.

Someone’s cattle are on my property; they have caused some property damage. What's the deal?

Colorado is a fence-out state. If you have a lot bordering the BLM or National Forest, you are responsible for maintaining a lawful fence.

According to SROA Covenant 7.6.4:

“Fencing along BLM land or National Forest land must be in accordance with applicable regulations. Existing boundary fences may not be removed, but may be reset to conform to staked property lines and/or be rebuilt as necessary. Owners of Lots on the outside perimeter of the Community shall be responsible for jointly maintaining fences with adjacent owners of private property as and if necessary. Any Owner of a Lot on the west boundary of the Community who keeps livestock or horses shall fence the Lot and keep the fence in good condition and repair.”

How much are Annual Dues, and when are they due?

SROA Dues are $80 per year, per lot. Due and payable on January 15th each year, if your dues are not paid within 30 days after the due date, the assessment shall bear interest from the date of delinquency at the rate of 12% per year.

Are horse allowed in Silverheels Ranch Subdivision?

Yes, horses are allowed. Section 7.6.7 of the Covenants states:

“No more than two horses are permitted on a five-acre Lot. For Lots larger than five acres, prior written approval of the Board is required to keep more than two horses, but no Lot may contain more than four horses.”

If you owned your property on August 28, 2023, you are permitted to have up to 4 horses on your 5 acre parcel as long as they are permitted by the Park County Land Use Regulations. Our water decree permits the watering of 2 horses (SROA Covenants 7.6.3). Water must be brought in for any number of horses over 2.

Is there fishing in the Silverheels pond?

Yes, the SROA stocks both the smaller augmentation pond and the larger pond near the highway. Fishing is for SROA members, long term renters, and guests only. All SROA Members or guests must carry an official SROA Fishing Pass at all times. For more information, read our Fishing Policy.

Are off-highway vehicles, including ATVs and dirt bikes, permitted?

Yes, but only on your private property. Park County Regulations do not allow operation of off-highway vehicles on county maintained roads. Violators may be ticketed.

When is the annual Silverheels Ranch Owners Association meeting held?

Article III Section 3.4 of the Silverheels Ranch Owners Association Bylaws states: “An annual meeting of the members for the purpose of electing directors and transaction of such other matters as may properly come before the meeting shall be held on the second Saturday of September each year in a location and at a time specified by the board of directors. The date of the annual meeting may be changed by a vote of the members at the annual meeting.”

Information for Realtors

Realtors, please be mindful of the Silverheels Ranch Owners Association signs policy:

  • NO Realtor Signs or Solicitation signs are allowed at the subdivision entrance or on any SROA common property.
  • Signs may be posted on individual lots with the owner’s permission.
  • Per the guidelines, you may use the brochure boxes at the entrance kiosk.

Read the entire policy, linked below.

Thank you!

The SROA Board can be reached at, or by using the contact form below.

Mailing Address

PO Box 429
Fairplay, CO 80440-0429

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